Several companies are stepping forward to help families after Wichman Monuments closed its doors on Friday.

Dozens of people said they spent thousands of dollars and have still not received their headstones.

From design to installation, Jason Holcomb knows first-hand how important a grave marker is to a grieving family.

"When someone’s designing it and drawing it up and thinking about them and remembering them, they want that stone there to reflect who they were," said Jason Holcomb, co-owner of Chattanooga Monument Company.

It's an intimate journey that Pamela Dean recently traveled, only to learn the company she paid to mark her husband's grave closed its doors Friday.

"We can't visit my husband's gravesite because we don't know exactly which one it is," said Dean.

Dean said she paid Wichman Monuments more than $3,000 for her husband's stone in December. She said the check was cashed in January, but the stone is nowhere to be found.

"It's hard enough to lose a spouse and even harder to lose a spouse and a parent,” said Dean, “Then to feel like they're further hurt, that was completely unnecessary."

Holcomb was heartbroken to hear Dean and dozens of others are missing monuments.

His business is helping to locate any existing orders.

Almost 20 families have contacted him so far.

"Being able to communicate with these people and give them someone that cares, it’s meant a lot to them and it means a lot to me," urged Holcomb.

After seeing Channel 3's report Friday, Giles Marble/Engraving House in Lithonia, Georgia announced it would replace stones, install monuments left unplaced, and help in any way possible.

Dean is thankful for the gestures, but still cautious about moving forward.

"I'm a little hesitant about that because now I’m a little jaded, I don't trust anybody right now,” explained Dean, “But I’m sure there are honest very kind people that really do want to help."

Wichman's lawyer said customers can expect to hear from attorneys this week.

Companies helping Wichman’s customers:

Chattanooga Monument Company:
Contact: Jason Holcomb (423) 715-6758

           Giles Marble/Engraving House:
           Contact: (770) 482-6546