A wintry blast swept through Grundy County Monday morning. TDOT spent the day making sure roads stayed clear. Although there wasn’t significant accumulation, it was enough for TDOT crews to prepare the roads.

On and off snow flurries fell from the sky in Monteagle. Cars were blanketed with a small layer of snow and the heavy wind blew it sideways.

The scattered snow event caught some people off guard.

"I didn't know it was snowing, I’m in shorts!” said Hector Molina, on his way home to Nashville.

Tim Worley with TDOT said crews were called in at 2 a.m. Monday and stayed on standby throughout the day.

"Just to monitor the roads and make sure that nothing sneaked up on us. Basically throughout the day we put a light coat down,” Worley said.

Monteagle Mountain is a known trouble area when winter weather hits the region.

"Some areas of these roadways the temperature drops and it's called a hot spot and we like to keep ahead of the game,” Worley said.

The good news is that the roads stayed mostly clear throughout the day. Crews said ground temperatures stayed between 30 and 37 degrees, meaning the roads were too warm for anything to stick or freeze over.

"Around 32 degrees is when we actually focus on monitoring the roads a little bit more closely, we do more routes and more trips out,” Worley explained.

While conditions were not as bad in Monteagle, drivers say they'll take extra precaution if they encounter more winter weather.

"I’m going to drive as far as the weather allows me to. If not, I’ll just park,” Molina said.

TDOT did not lay brine to treat the roads because the liquid could make the roads slick if the temperature dropped below freezing. They want to remind drivers the next time a snow event occurs that drivers move over or slow down if you see a TDOT truck laying salt or brine.

TDOT tells Channel 3, there were no major incidents because of the snow.