Dogs at McKamey Animal Center are enjoying a new special treat, chairs.

Shelter managers got the idea to put chairs in some of the dog dorms from a viral Facebook post from a shelter in Illinois.

Two of the dog dorms look like a small living room with a nice chair, lots of toys and, of course, a pup.

"We want these animals to have some comforts, especially the animals that have been here a really long time," Executive Director Jamie McAloon explained.

That comfort comes in the form of a chair.

Right now, the shelter has just two chairs in its dog dorms.

Some dogs lounged around, others jumped on the chairs.

"Brownie took right to it,” McAloon said about one of the dogs. “Brownie sleeps in hers every night. When you come in, she's still in that chair."

McAloon said adding the chairs does add additional work for the staff.

“You've got to pull all the chairs out, you have to disinfect them the best you can," she said. "If another dog comes in, those chairs got to be completely pulled out, sanitized outside. If they can't be sanitized, they're going to be thrown away."

The chairs are not a permanent fixture at the shelter right now. They are currently in a trial period.

"This is an experiment,” McAloon urged, “We're going to put some more chairs in this week and just go day by day."

But staff members said the chairs seem to be making a difference by making the dogs feel a little more at home during what they hope is a temporary visit.

"These chairs seem to be providing some quality of life for these animals," McAloon said.

The shelter is looking for donations of gently used chairs. They have to be small, but the shelter will take care of cleaning them.