The Hamilton County Grand Jury is sending a strong message to drug dealers.

Sabrena Laquatra was indicted on second degree murder charges for selling fentanyl to a customer who died. Police say it's the first time they've been able to crack down on drug suppliers.

Taylor Hillian, 35, was found dead at his home on Lakeshore Drive in June of last year. Investigators say he died from a lethal amount of fentanyl in his system, a drug his parents say needs to be off the streets.

In recent years, the TBI has investigated more than 40,000 fentanyl cases, making the drug a public health emergency.

Tommy Farmer, a special agent for the TBI, says even if the substance is the size of two grains of salt it could be deadly.

Farmer says he's glad fentanyl drug dealers are being held accountable for their actions.

“You take on not only a life risk of killing that person but also with being charged with a serious crime with a homicide,” said Tommy Farmer, TBI Special Agent in Charge.

Sabrena Laquatra has been indicted for second degree murder because she illegally provided Tyler Hillian with the drug.

“He was kind of like the life of the party. He had a lot of friends in but in the last two years it wasn't Tyler,” said Jim Hillian, Father.

His mother, Julia Hillian, says Tyler completed treatment for his addiction about three month before his overdose.

“He was like a new person. He just seemed so happy, so at peace,” said Julia Hillian.

Hillians' parents say they hope that the arrest will send a message to others selling the deadly drug.

“I know how this works. People get addicted to it and then they start selling it to try to promote their habits,” said Jim Hillian.

Special Agent Farmer says after a five year battle with opioids, he is optimistic; but, it will take a change in culture to make progress.

The first count of fentanyl deaths in the United States in 2016 is up 540% compared to the last three years.