Schools in the Tennessee Valley and across the nation are re-evaluating safety procedures and protocols in light of recent violence.

Channel 3 asked the director at the Siskin Children's Institute what they are doing to protect the kids inside their classrooms. She tells us there is a multilayer protection system, starting at the front doors.

"A receptionist has to let you in,” said Director Julie Mickel, “So she has to see who you are to determine if you are someone that's a visitor that can come in to visit us."

If an intruder does make it inside the doors to the building there are emergency buttons staff members can press that send an urgent alert to law enforcement.

Teachers are also prepared, "It's scary that we have to do that now, but I want to be proactive,” urged Mickel, “I want my staff to feel comfortable and have the tools too that they know what to do."

There are about 170 children enrolled at the day care center, children range in age from 6-weeks-old to 5-years-old.

Every student took home pamphlets Wednesday outlining the center's safety protocol and procedures, and a plan to read with children.

The daycare center faces additional challenges compared to a grade school like taking care of infants.

Every infant classroom has a designated emergency crib teachers put them in and roll it into a "safe place." They also have to protect kids playing outside.

Director Mickel said it's important to teach kids how to respond at a young age.

They don't call an intruder a "bad man" instead they say adults are trying to learn more about a person in the building. She said it's important to keep them calm.

"This is such a sensitive topic but I don't want the children to be scared," urged Mickel.

She said the emergency response is constantly changing and adapting.

"It's always going to change,” Mickel explained, “That's something we're very aware of, that we always have to look at that plan and make changes accordingly."

The Siskin Children's Institute also conducts safety drills every six months. The next one will be Friday.