Travis Asher joined friends who filled two Jeeps and drove up John's Mountain in Walker County. It was like any other Friday night.

"I don't think anybody was prepared for what came down," Vivian Davenport, Travis Asher's mother-in-law, said.

No one in the group expected the snow and wind to be as bad as it was. Davenport recalled what her son-in-law was wearing that night.

"He had a little toboggan, that had pigtails on each side," she said. "They did not have, when they went up there, there was no snow."

The wind picked up and several inches of snow fell. The group attempted to drive down the mountain, but their Jeeps got stuck.

When they did not return, Davenport says her dad did what he could to help.

"He called Mike Snow, our state representative at the time," Davenport explained. "He told him, you gotta get us in a helicopter out here, our grandson's going to die if you don't. This wasn't supposed to happen. It's still very real."

The men walked for approximately 40 hours before being found on Smith Gap Road.

"I thought these were you know people that were paid to go out because they had to drop these men out of the helicopter, they had to drop them into the snow with their chainsaws, because they had to cut their way to them," Davenport said. "That's how bad it was."

Most of the group made it out, but Travis Asher did not survive. Vivian says he died from exhaustion, at the time, she says no one knew he had a hole in his heart.

Travis' daughter was just six months old at the time. Davenport said she hopes Travis will be remembered for his bravery.

"He was a brave man. It's sad that his daughter never knew him, because he loved her so much."

Today, 25 years later, Travis would have been in his early 50s.

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