Bradley County's courthouse operations have been spread out across the county in seven different temporary locations for months after an electrical fire caused significant damage to the courthouse last year.

The fire was contained to the building's maintenance room, where it originated, but smoke was pulled through the vents causing significant damage. 

County officials say crews have been working nonstop for the last five months to get the building back up and running, and while there have been some delays, they're making progress.

"All of the windows on the building are in; that's part of the energy efficient project," Troy Spence, Director of Bradley Co. Emergency Management said. " We have the bathrooms are probably 75 percent complete." 

Director of Emergency Management Troy Spence admits the repairs have been difficult. He says crews have all of the major pieces in place, but they'll have to put in a new ceiling and new sprinkler system, something the courthouse didn't have before. 
"We'll have a good sprinkler system in here," Spence said. "There will be equipment attached to an alarm system that will cut air conditioning units off should they sense smoke. We're working every day to get the building back open." 

 Officials hope to have the courthouse reopened by late May.