A train and tractor-trailer collided on Wauhatchie Pike Tuesday evening.

It happened in the 1000 block around 4:40 p.m.

Boxes of paper towels, a fallen railroad cross sign, and tractor-trailer parts covered the grass at Highway 11 and Wauhatchie Pike. 

But it wasn't until a friend came by, that Odell Mahem realized what happened across the street from her home. 

"I heard a bang, but I didn’t even get up and look out," said Mahem. "I thought wow I didn’t know; I didn’t know what to think but that’s not the first wreck. There’s been Lord I don’t know how many accidents in the same place since I moved here."

Chattanooga Police say the back of the semi was on the railroad tracks, as the semi-truck driver waited to turn onto Highway 11. A Norfolk Southern train with 137 rail cars was headed towards the semi, but the semi-truck driver couldn't go anywhere because of traffic. When the train hit, the back of the semi was torn off spilling boxes of paper towels. 

A Norfolk Southern spokesperson says the train was not able to stop quickly. We're told it takes at least one and a half mile for a train to stop; that's about 18 football fields. 

While the collision caused quite the mess, neighbors say they're relieved. 

"I'm just glad the driver didn’t get hurt," said Mahem. 

The spokesperson for Norfolk Southern says local police will investigate the accident since it happened on the road crossing the train tracks.