The grass is greener a little bit earlier this year. Maybe you have some bushes that are starting to bud. With the upcoming cold nights, at Holcomb Garden Center they tell us which material will work best to protect, and why.

John Jones the Manager of Holcomb Garden Center says, "We do have products called frost cloth or a frost blanket that's available at your local nurseries."

Jones says the lighter color works best because some reflection is needed, since white reflects most light, and black absorbs.

"It allows the plants to breath, it's water resistant, and in case you forget to remove the blanket in the morning before the sun comes up, it won't burn the plants," adds Jones.

The cloth is a greenhouse. Place the fabric over the plant before sunset to trap in some of the day's heat. Use a rock to secure the cloth, but make sure air is still flowing underneath. The advantage to using a light color, vs dark, is the dark could harm the plants further after when the sun comes up, and you forget to remove the blanket. This essentially scorches the plant.

"The plants put off a lot of heat also, so it stays warm between the ground and the fabric," adds Jones.

Holcomb Garden Center tells Channel 3 they recommend if you do have a small bulb coming up, put a Styrofoam cup on it, but for anything larger like a bush, they recommend something much larger. If you use plastic, you'll be damaging more from the sun the next morning.

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