The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office wants to remind residents about firearm safety and precautions with children.

"We live in a culture where children see firearms everywhere from television shows and cartoons to the Hunting Department at Wal-Mart," a department spokesperson said.

The HCSO posted a flyer on Facebook that gave the following tips:

  • Children, especially boys, generally show a natural curiosity and fascination with firearms.
  • It is the gun owner's responsibility to deny access to firearms from children and minors.
  • This includes accidental discovery during the parent's absence.
  • It is the responsibility of the firearm owner to keep the weapon from unauthorized patrons.
  • Parents should speak to their children about firearms and explain the dangers and responsibilities of gun ownership. 

The HCSO also listed several proper firearm storage options.

The HSCO says you should store weapons in a locked drawer or cabinet. It is preferred that it be one without glass.  Other places to store firearms include a gun safe or a lockable handgun box. 

Make sure to put ammunition in a separate, secure location.