A woman who stole from assisted living residents was arrested Monday.

25-year-old Selina Leola Rice was taken into custody for stealing, particularly jewelry and money, from residents at Hickory Valley Retirement, where she was employed.

According to the arrest affidavit, the general manager of the facility advised Chattanooga Police that one of his employees was caught on camera stealing from residence rooms. 

The general manager told officers that he placed three $10 in different locations to see if any would go missing. One of the bills did go missing. 

In addition, he showed officers a log showing statements where residents said they had been stolen from.

Rice was fired from her job Monday. 

Officers were able to identify jewelry Rice pawned. She also admitted to several thefts.

Rice had around 16 pieces of jewelry on her person when she was arrested. 

She is in the Hamilton County Jail and faces charges of:

  • Theft of Property Under $1000 (6 counts)
  • Wilful Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of an Adult (6 counts)