An East Tennessee boy living with a rare bone disease saw his dream come true this week. He met one of his biggest role models and favorite basketball player Steph Curry!

13-year-old Caleb Estes from Loudon met Curry on Friday during the Golden State Warriors game while in Atlanta. Caleb has been a Golden State Warrior and Steph Curry fan since forever.

"We got to watch some of the Warriors warm up, and Stephen Curry came over, and I about passed out," Estes said.

He always looked up to Curry's strength, especially while fighting Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that starts in the cells that build bones, at a very young age.

Caleb said when he met Curry, it literally took his breath away.

"Kind of like you were having a heart attack," he said. "It was pretty cool, like, you didn't know what to do. I was going to ask him some question, and then I couldn't speak, so I didn't get to ask him that. Other than that, it was a very cool experience to meet him."

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