Heads bowed, these Dalton residents gathered to pray outside Dalton High School Sunday. Similar groups gathered at Northwest Whitfield and Southeast Whitfield high schools. All three groups prayed for the safety of students and staff.

“To love, to forget, to be next to people, to not sweat the small stuff, to do her best. That's what this book tells me. Did I say God?” said Rick Patton, Pastor.

Pastor Matt Evans is a member of the Dalton City School Board of Education.

Evans says the superintendent will do an after-action review on the schools response to the incident last Wednesday.

The school was on lockdown and later evacuated when teacher Randal Davidson allegedly shot through a window.

Evans says while the response is reviewed, a town hall will be scheduled to discuss new safety protocol.

“How do we make education better? How do we make safety better?” said Matt Evans, member of Dalton City School Board of Education. “Our community is involved. Our community is interested in what goes on inside these halls.”

Several young people also participated in Sunday’s group prayer.

Maddie Whittle is an eighth grader and member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Dalton Middle.

She came to pray for Dalton High because she will be attending that school this fall.

“I pray that as the students come back to school tomorrow that they just know that God is with them,” said Maddie Whittle, future Dalton High student.

“Prayer is one of the greatest weapons. With that it proves that we should all be safe and He will be there to protect us,” said Drew Patton, middle school student.

School board member Matt Evans says a date for the town hall has not been set.

When it is we’ll pass that information along.