UPDATE: Saturday night, dozens of community members came together to call for Representative Chuck Fleischmann to protect immigrant youth and their families.

President Trump said Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) will end Monday.

People of all different backgrounds attended this rally, but they all had the same goal.

Orange shirts and monarch butterflies filled the street in front of Chattanooga City Hall symbolizing immigration activism.

“Because we have a voice and it needs to be heard,” Alondra Gomez, a rising Immigrant rights activist, said.  "Not only here in Chattanooga, but over in the halls of Congress.

Alondra Gomez and her family moved from Mexico when she was five years old. Gomez says she is leading this march to advocate for those like herself.

“I appreciate everything that they put on hold for us, the risks they took to make sure that my siblings and I grew up in a place where we could be safe, where we could have opportunity and we could pursue our dreams,” said Gomez.

She said she is advocating to protect immigrant youth and their families from being deported.

With just days left before DACA will end, Gomez said she has a message for local lawmakers, especially Representative Chuck Fleischmann.

“We are really pushing on Representative Fleischmann to listen to us, to do the right thing and to do everything he can to make sure that clean, narrow legislation gets on the floor that will protect immigrant youth and their families,” said Gomez.

Khadija Aslam is a first-generation American citizen her parents moved to the U.S. from Pakistan.

“I have experienced nothing but an open and loving country, and so I would want that for everyone else too,” said Khadija Aslam, participant.

Aslam attended the march with her friend Nikki Goldbach who believes in creating a "Clean Dream Act"

“The point of America is that other cultures can come here and feel safe and welcomed. I think that it's pretty despicable that that has changed,” said Goldbach. “You are not any better than a DACA recipient, you know. We all come from different places. That doesn't make us any different. We are all people.”

Channel 3 reached out to Representative Fleischmann Saturday and received the following statement Sunday: 

"The Obama Administration's vast overreach of executive power in the creation of the DACA program has resulted in our current situation. While the recent court decision altered the original deadline, the need for legislative action remains."