In the heart of the Scenic City, runners filled the streets on this sunny Saturday.

From locals to visitors, each took in the breathtaking views of Chattanooga. Business owners say the races are a good chance to reach a different group of people.

"We just happened to have a really healthy product that helps enhance food, and we thought we'd give it a try," Aaron Hoffman of Hoff Sauce explained.

Aaron Hoffman is the founder of Hoff Sauce. He says events like the Chattanooga Marathon bring in money for the city, which helps everyone.

"Anytime you're bringing in people from out of town to experience Chattanooga and experience our great city, it's a great thing," Hoffman added.

A lot is on the line for Chattanooga. The city is one of four competing to host the 2020 Team USA Marathon and Half Marathon Olympic Trials.

Organizers said they've put in hours of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly.

"We have marked and remarked and our team once again will position the course according to our certification. We learned. We expanded on course assets and that corrected the problem. We still are reinvesting in our own course team to ensure that we are prepped and ready, according to the certified course," Chattanooga Sports Committee President Tim Morgan said. 

They hope it is enough to convince USA Track and Field representatives that the Scenic City is the best choice.

"The people within this community are what will truly define the success of the 2020 Olympics trials, and we are are working to hopefully paint that portrait," Morgan added.

This is the third year for the Chattanooga Marathon.