After talking to two experts we verified that the state says the rides in Tennessee are safe if they pass inspection.

After 10News verified the ride inspection process, John Gillespie, a local metal inspector, reached out with concerns the rides in Tennessee can be dangerous because he says they are not checked for corrosion.

The State of Tennessee does not have a statewide inspector for amusement rides. Instead, they require all ride companies to hire a third party inspector.

The inspectors look at a wide variety of items but according to the state, they do not look for metal corrosion.

Gillespie wants that to change because he says cracks and wear and tear on metal can cause deadly accidents.

"I think there should be some statewide regulations about what gets inspected and how it gets inspected, how often and there's a formula there. How old it is, the stresses. Some rides have more high velocity and they should get inspected than the little kiddy parts that go in circles," Gillespie added.

The deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair in summer 2017 was caused by corrosion on a support beam.

Gillespie said inspecting metal on rides is important and can save lives.

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