Students are back in the classroom at Dalton High School Friday, just two days after a teacher fired a gunshot through a classroom window.

Cars lined the street and students filed back into their classrooms.

A group of students came with a big message to teachers, administrators and first responders: thank you.

"We just really wanted to let them know because they went through the same thing that we did,” urged student Caroline Clark, “They were just as scared as we were."

Police officers surrounded the campus as a precaution. Students tell Channel 3 they don't think coming to school will ever be the same.

"Feels so awful. It's just everything coming back, just knowing,” Clark said tearfully, “Nobody should feel like they’re never going to walk out of that classroom or see any of their loved ones again.”

“The last time we were in there we had to run through the halls, not knowing if there was someone behind us,” said another student, Kali Ledwell.

Lea Hartline waited in a long line to drop off her son this morning. She said she is still confident in his safety in the classroom.

"I really do trust Dalton High School and the safety measure they have in place,” said Hartline, “It shows that there were teachers, administrators, and a school resource officer willing to put their lives in front of my child's life."

Students tell Channel 3 their heart aches for their former teacher, Randal Davison, who will face a judge next week on a list of charges. He's not expected to return to school. 

"We did lose someone,” urged student Halea Rice, “We lost a good teacher and a good man. No one can bring themselves to hate him for what he did because he was obviously going through a very hard time and he wasn't an evil man."

Students said they just all have to come together to move forward.

"Find love in one another and not focus on all the bad that went on the other day, but the good we can get from this and how we can make Dalton an even bigger family," urged Rice.