An NFL defensive back accused of stealing a phone charger from an Uber driver in January appeared in court on Thursday.

The preliminary hearing for Baltimore Ravens' cornerback Marlon Humphrey took place in a Tuscaloosa county courtroom.

Humphrey is charged with third-degree robbery, but the judge did not make a ruling, saying she needed more time to decide whether there is probable cause to move forward or to dismiss the charge.

It's unclear when the judge could issue her ruling.

Investigators say Humphrey and three females were riding from the University Boulevard Strip to Hotel Capstone when Humphrey asked to borrow the Uber driver's phone charger.

They say when the driver tried to get the charger back, Humphrey gripped his fist and elbowed the driver before walking away.

One of the female passengers also testified on Thursday and said she doesn't believe Humphrey intentionally elbowed the driver and that the driver actually balled up his fist.

Police recovered the 15-dollar cell phone charger the night of the incident and returned it to the driver.

No one was hurt.

Humphrey attended Hoover High School and the University of Alabama before being drafted by Baltimore in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.