CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - As the water temperature begin to warm in the early spring, shad start moving into coves and creeks and bass will also begin to follow them into the shallow waters. 

This is an excellent time of year to break out your shallow running crank baits. Rattle traps and small square bills are good choices to try to pattern these bass.

Look for bait balls in 1 to 5 feet of water and try ripping and pumping these baits around them. Many times the bass are there, but not showing themselves or chasing bait on top of the water. 

Small changes in water depth is often the key to catching them, so casting out in the middle of a cove, shallow ditches and shallow depressions can produce fish others may miss.

Fishing lipless crank baits can also be very effective during warmer weather conditions in the late winter periods of heavy rain and fast rising waters. Lipless crank baits and square bills are known producers too many bass anglers and at times can give an angler a real advantage if fished correctly.