UPDATE: The teacher accused of firing a shot inside Dalton High School waived his right to a first appearance court hearing on Thursday.

Randal Davidson is expected to be in court next week.

Some students are coming to his defense saying Davidson's actions do not reflect the man they know.

Classroom 413 sat empty at Dalton High School on Thursday. History assignments were still on the white board and a window was covered up.

"Anyone who knows him can tell you he's no danger," Tania Ramirez, a 10th grade student said.

Ramirez was supposed to be inside, but she says her teacher locked students out. Police said he then fired a .38 caliber pistol shattering a window.

Channel 3 got a first look at that classroom on Friday.

No students were inside and no one was hurt on Thursday.

Principal Steve Bartoo was one of the first to respond to what happened. He said the social studies teacher was not allowing students in his classroom and telling people to go away.

Bartoo said he sounded agitated and radioed for a school resource officer who was at the middle school at the time. That SRO has recently had shared responsibilities at Dalton High School and the middle school.

The school system said the SRO for the middle school should start soon.

"It's somber. I think people are very grateful. I know I am that nobody was hurt. We thank God that nobody was hurt," Principal Steve Bartoo of Dalton High School said.

Students like Ramirez are standing up for their teacher.

"Many people like social media are trying to turn him into the monster that he's not. He would talk to us sometimes about his personal problems and i feel like it was our fault on our behalf because sometimes we would just sit there and listen, but we never actually did anything to help him," Ramirez said.

Two police reports show Davidson had a history of medical episodes.

In March of 2016, he tried to confess to having someone killed. The report called him "delusional" and noted he was on medications for depression.

In January of 2017, he told his supervisors at Dalton High School he was leaving for the day because he wasn't feeling well. He was found walking on a nearby street.

"I think he was fit to teach that day. Absolutely. Fit to be a teacher. Absolutely," Principal Bartoo said.

Principal Bartoo said he didn't notice any odd behavior when he walked by Davidson's classroom early Wednesday morning. He returned later to find out why Davidson had locked students out.

"I was scared. I wasn't scared until he told me he had a gun and then the gunshot as well. Sure, I was scared like everybody else was," Principal Bartoo said.

School officials said there are no plans for Davidson to return. Ramirez hopes that changes.

"Hearing about those two reports, it still will never change my mind about him," Ramirez said.

Davidson will have to enter a plea on a list of charges in court next week.

Counselors and social workers were on campus Thursday for any students or staff members needing to talk. Channel 3 was told resources will be on campus for as long as they need.

School resumes on Friday. 

School officials said the classroom where the shot was fired will be used again. The high school will have a rotating set of teachers filling in for Davidson.

Channel 3 was able to walk through Dalton High School Thursday, just 24 hours after teacher Randal Davidson allegedly fired a shot and prompted the evacuation of the nearly 2,000 students that attend the school.

You can see the boarded up window where Dalton police say Davidson fired a single shot out the window and then barricaded himself in the classroom. 

 Davidson is in custody this afternoon and facing many charges including aggravated assault and terroristic threats.