Rain flooded roads across the Tennessee Valley causing a headache for many drivers.

Cummings Highway, at the interstate on-ramp, closed due to major flooding.

Drivers who take the route often tell Channel 3 the flooding happens nearly every time there's a heavy rain, and it's a problem they want fixed."

"I knew it's been raining a lot and they started setting cones up the day before,” said April Mussared, “We kind of already had an anticipation it was going to flood."

Mussared has worked at a restaurant near the intersection of Cummings Highway and the interstate for 8 years.

She said when the rain starts pouring, she prepares to take back roads.

"I think they need to just fix that road," she urged.

The road looks more like a river and water crept nearly halfway up the road signs.

Channel 3 watched as car-after-car turned around.

Mussared's detour only adds about 10 minutes to her trip, but for drivers who aren't familiar with the area the flooding is adding more than a few minutes.

"Probably about 30 minutes at this point,” said Henry Mire, "Good thing my meeting is an hour later than I thought it was.”

Mussared said she just wants the issue fixed, "I just think that they need to repair that end of the road and stuff. I know it's a tax issue and stuff like that and not many people want to approve stuff like that, but it think it really does need to be done."