The Grundy County High School football team now has a new head coach, Scott Smith.

"We've got to reinvent our image of what Grundy County, and Grundy County football is,” urged Smith, “That's not going to be an overnight process but something I’m really excited about doing."

The football team has been clouded in controversy ever since October, when 5 players were accused in an attempted aggravated rape case that happened at the field house.

Smith comes to the school with more than 27 years of experience and a state championship under his belt.

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"I think the community needs to know that one, there's somebody here who really cares about their kids," Smith.  

He replaces former coach Casey Tate. Tate was removed from his position after 5 football players were accused of attempted aggravated rape.

Smith said he is increasing security and having the locks changed at the field house where the attempted rape occurred. He said the principal will be the only other person with keys to the locks.

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"Doing things like taking care of security, making sure doors are locked, making sure kids are not left unattended is very important," urged Smith.

Four coaches will remain on staff. Smith is bringing one new coach with him. He said it's important to teach the students to be successful, both on and off the field.

"I mean, it's our job to teach our kids, it's our job to protect our kids,” said Smith, “I think prevention is a lot more important than reaction."

Records show Smith was previously dismissed from his position as head coach in Franklin County, for what was described as discipline problems. However, Smith said penalties on the field were down 50 percent and only one player was in ISS during his time as coach.

"I think if you talk to the kids teachers, how the kids acted on and off the football field, and to the referees I think you would see it was not like that," urged Smith.

Smith said he plans to stay in Grundy County until he retires.