Channel 3 is hearing from students of the Dalton High School teacher accused of firing a gun inside a classroom this morning.

Sophomore Lucila Lotiffhs is in Jesse Randal Davidson first block class. She describes Davidson as a friendly face and popular with students.

“He's honestly a great teacher he's been my favorite teachers he's always joking it's always good morning sunshine,” said Lucila Lotiffhs, Sophomore.

Lotiffhs says something was off when she arrived to class Wednesday morning.

“His hands were on his face and he was on the podium and he looked kind of like down but I didn't really think any of it,” said Lotiffhs. “He covered up his door window which I found was really weird because teachers don't cover their window to the door.”

Lotiffhs was in gym class when Davidson allegedly fired a handgun, shattering a window, before surrendering to police.

    She thought the lockdown was a drill and later learned it was her teacher who had been arrested.

    Hard for Davidson’s current students and former students like Kaity Darnell to understand.

    “I know he wouldn't intentionally hurt anybody,” said Kaity Darnell, Senior.

    Dalton high school will be closed on Thursday, but Lotiffhs and Darnell says they may need more time.

    “I'm not sure I know most of us don't want to see that classroom simply because it's too much to handle to see the classroom. I know that just thinking about it like just breaks my heart ache,” said Lotiffhs.

    “I miss my hug and I wish I could have that opportunity back I just feel like I won't see him again I just kind a hate that I missed that,” said Darnell.