Cachet Peterson was shot and killed on Chattanooga's popular Southside two weekends ago and so far, there's no suspect, no motive and no weapon.

"Cachet was a 21-year-old local student, very active in the community and she had a very vibrant future," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

That future was tragically cut short in the early hours of Sunday, February 19th.

Peterson was leaving Southside Social when everything went sideways.

"She had been inside the facility for a short period of time, and she left with some friends," Sgt. Miller continued, "at which time the suspect shot them in a vehicle she was riding in."

The gunfire seems to have come from someone in a dark-colored sedan.

"That's information it's been reported," Sgt. Miller confirmed, "but, if you saw something different, if you know something different, absolutely call in and provide that information."

Police spoke to a lot of people on the scene, but some have not yet been interviewed. What you remember about that night could be worth reward cash.

"It could be something as small as a vehicle that you saw," Sgt. Miller said. "You know, the color of the vehicle, you heard somebody say something, possibly heard them say a name or scream something that stood out to you."

Even if you were not there, you may still have information.

"At this time, we have not recovered a weapon," Sgt. Miller said. "So, if you happen to know about where the weapon or the suspect vehicle is located call that information in as well."

Maybe you have heard who pulled the trigger. Perhaps you know the person, yourself. Even if all you know is the person's nickname, that could help break the case. Call in. Be a conduit for justice. Your identity is safe. We will never ask your name.

"Not only is this a mother who lost her daughter," Sgt. Miller added. "It was the night of the mother's birthday. It just occurred, so it's very important that we can close this case for the mother and her entire family."

Another woman, a 24-year old, was also injured in this shooting.

You never know what bit of information will help lead to justice for Cachet. So, call in with anything you know. 

423-698-3333 is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will never ask who you are. You will be assigned a case number you will use, even if you earn reward cash.