Southside Chattanooga business owners and law enforcement are implementing changes in the Chestnut Street area, including street and lighting upgrades and new security measures for the surrounding area. Southside Social has chosen to close at midnight going forward, every night it is open, and progress is underway on installing additional cameras and LED lighting to enhance the environment around the business.

With input from the city and police, the entertainment area is implementing a public space initiative similar to Station Street and Pine Street outside the Westin, where people can enjoy the street in a structured environment during special events or special hours on the weekend. The Friday and Saturday night road closure of Chestnut Street is approved for two months.Two changes are immediate – an earlier Southside Social closing time and a Friday and Saturday night special event closure of Chestnut Street in front of the businesses New cameras are up that will connect with Chattanooga Police Department  staff in the Real Time Intelligence Center to incorporate the Chestnut Street cameras into CPD’s innovative network.

Southside Social plans to open Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 at 4 p.m.