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Public Works prepares for heavy rainfall throughout the Scenic City

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It was a sunny start to the week, but the Storm Alert Team says rain clouds are rolling in. 

As Chattanooga Public Works crews prepare, Director of Citywide Services Ricky Colston, says more rain is in the forecast than they expected. 

"What really concerns us is because we’ve had so much rain in the past few weeks already so the ground is pretty saturated," said Colston. 

Public works crews are already preparing for the heavy rainfall, but they're also concerned about weakened trees falling.

"I don’t foresee in the forecast any high winds but again just the ground being saturated is what we’re concerned with," said Colston. 

Flooded roads are of course the main priority. Colston says crews will clean catch basins like these throughout the city and monitor roads that flood easily.

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"If the rain comes slow it’s not as bad. If it comes real quick then of course you’ll have roads that will flood because your drains can only take so much water at one time," said Colston. "In areas where we have large drains and we may not be able to clear those with men, we’ll use heavy equipment to reach out and open those drains up." 

But any areas that cannot be drained will be closed off.

Colston says he just hopes drivers play it safe. 

"Any high water don’t drive through it. Any signs don’t go around because if we have signs out that means that you can’t get through the water and what’s going to happen there is you’re probably going to stall out and someone is going to have to rescue you." 

If you spot any flooded areas in your neighborhood, you can report them to the city through their 311 service.

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You can download the CHATT311, which is free for iPhone and Android users. Reports can also be made by calling or emailing 311.



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