WASHINGTON — White House staffers operating with interim security clearances — including President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner — were told in a memo Friday that they will no longer have access to highly classified information requiring the highest level of clearance, NBC News confirmed Tuesday.

Kushner himself no longer has access to highly classified information, multiple sources briefed on the memo told NBC News.

He is not the only White House official whose clearance is impacted: Other senior staff, like Trump's daughter, Ivanka, had also been operating on interim clearances for access to highly classified information marked SCI — or, sensitive compartmented information.

The change comes after Chief of Staff John Kelly announced an overhaul of security clearance processes in the West Wing after domestic violence allegations against staff secretary Rob Porter led to his resignation in early February. Porter was operating on an interim security clearance, with his permanent clearance held up because of these flags.

Under the new guidelines, dozens of senior White House officials stood to lose access to classified information, according to documents reviewed by NBC News.

Trump said last week he would leave the decision about Kushner's clearance up to Kelly, and White House aides maintain Kushner will still be able to do his job.

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