Prosecutor Crystle Carrion used her hands during opening statements of Johnthony Walker's trial to show the jury how Bus 366 crashed on Talley Road in November 2016. 

"It wraps around it. The body and the frame bend entirely in the middle," Carrion said. 

Walker is charged 32 counts relating to the crash that killed six children and injured several more. 

Attorneys don't argue the horror that unfolded the day of the crash, but they do disagree about what caused it. 

"Johnthony Walker had his phone in his hand and he received a phone call and decided while he was driving that route that he would pick up that phone," Carrion said to jurors during opening statements. 

Jurors heard from Takisha Nixon, who testified it was her on the other end of the phone, with no idea Walker was behind the wheel of a school bus. 

"I said, are you working, he said, yes. I said, are you driving, he said yes. Then there was a pause. I said, be safe and hung up," Nixon said. 

Prosecutors point to phone records that show the phone call lasted three minutes and 50 seconds, ending at the time of the crash. But Nixon estimated the call to be shorter. 

Defense attorney Amanda Dunn points to a white bus whiteness say was coming from the opposite direction.

Michelle Brogdon testified she saw the driver on the scene. 

"He just stood there the entire time. Until I left around 5:00," Brogdon testified. 

Police testified they didn't find evidence of another vehicle involved in the crash and haven't been able to track down the driver. 

"The Chattanooga Police Department didn't listen to what those witnesses had to say," Dunn told jurors during opening statements.

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