Anticipating student-led walkouts as a statement against gun violence in schools, Hamilton County school administrators are advising principals to allow students to participate. On March 14th, students across the nation are planning to walkout at 10:00 AM for 17 minutes, and on April 20th, some are promoting the idea of students to stay out of school. Hamilton County central office administrators say, "We are not endorsing a walkout; however, we understand the significance of recent events and students' desire to have their voices heard." In a statement sent to principals, they are advised to "work with students to make this a safe and valuable learning experience."

Here are recommendations that were sent to Hamilton County principals:

  • Consider working with your student leadership groups to organize and plan for students who desire to take part in the walkout
  • Make sure your faculty is informed and that you are prepared with adequate staff to oversee the time
  • Encourage students to hold the walk-out indoors. Possibly the gym, cafeteria, auditorium, etc.
  • Have student leaders plan an activity to remember students lost in the most recent incident in Florida
  • Ensure plans are in place for students who do not wish to take part in the walkout
  • Communicate with students and faculty after plans are in place

Every school is unique, and this is not an exhaustive list for school consideration. If schools need specific assistance in planning, central directors are assisting. The most important consideration for schools is to ensure that students are safe during these events.  Students that desire to participate in this walkout respectfully and responsibly will be allowed to participate."