The Deja Nu Thrift Store is getting ready to reopen. The store has been closed for about three months now.

The store is one of the Humane Educational Society’s largest fundraisers. Every day the store doesn't make a sale, it takes money away from the animals in need.

Deja Nu was just two days away from their grand reopening in December. However, that didn't happen because of a crash that smashed in the front of the store.

You probably wouldn't even think it's the same store. Today, clothes are back on the racks and a jeep is no longer parked inside the building.

"It was surreal especially because we had just closed for a week to get everything reorganized the week before,” Adrienne Koon said.

A driver was at the Baskin Robins across the street, crossed six lanes of traffic on Highway 58 in reverse, and backed into the store.

Police say the driver is okay, and the crash was accidental; but, the store was left in bad shape. There was structural damage and a good portion of the merchandise was destroyed.

"We had to rebuild our storage room that was in the back. We lost a lot of clothing as well because of glass shards and brick everywhere,” Koon said.

Koon is the manager of Deja Nu, the thrift store supports HES. Each year she says about $100,000 is raised to support animals at the shelter.

"We use that money for care for our animals and we use it for any supplies we may need for the animals,” Koon said.

Being closed for three months took a big hit to their bottom line.

"Not having the revenue here at the store has been pretty devastating unfortunately,” she explained.

In some ways the accident has been a blessing in disguise. The store has a new entrance, along with carpets and energy efficient lighting that will save money in the long run. The community pitched in to help even when their doors were closed.

"People that called after accident happened they've held on to their items for three months so they can give them to us,” Koon said.

The thrift store plans to open on Tuesday, March 6. Right now, they need volunteers. If you want to help, visit the Humane Educational Society’s website to fill out an application.

Though the store isn't open for shoppers yet, they are still accepting donations. They tell us they need shoes, clothing, furniture and pants hangers.