A family of nine managed to survive Saturday's storm in Keiser, Arkansas by taking cover in their safe room.

"I hear so many people talk about they're not scared of storms. They've not been close enough," said Gary Gardner. "It was like a real hard blow like something hit the house, and it was a real hard suck. The air just felt like I'd never felt the air before."  

The laundry room has no windows, and it's surrounded by cinder blocks with re-bar bracing and a storm door, Gardner said he put it in when the house was built in 2000 to protect against tornadoes. 

For many in East Arkansas, Sunday morning was the first time they were able to get a good look at the damage from Saturday night's storm where one confirmed tornado touched down. 

Wind tore through the city's library, destroying the roof and sending bricks and insulation flying.

Meanwhile, Gary Gardner said he'll have to check out his home for structural damage. All things that can be fixed, as Keiser counts its blessings. 

"Thank goodness no one was hurt in all this, and our town wasn't destroyed, but we, we took a pretty hard lick," Gardner said.