Fed up with Georgia politicians that were unable to make up their minds about secession in 1860, the people of Dade County decided to not only secede from the Union but to secede from the state of Georgia. And so rumor has it that this feisty little county became its own sovereign nation – the Independent State of Dade – for 85 years.

At the end of World War II, in a frenzy of patriotism, Dade rejoined the USA on July 4, 1945.

There are some holes in this story. How would Dade County get a brand new state highway if they weren’t part of the state? How could their young men be drafted into the military if they weren’t part of the nation?

It’s hard to find answers to anything pre-dating the Civil War, as Dade County’s courthouse was burned during Sherman’s March to the Sea.

The story spread across the nation. The New York Times entitled its account “Dade County Ends Secession.” It is evident that most readers of the newspaper accounts would see an element of humor with a bit of advertising Dade County to the world.

However, Dade County “came back” to the United States. Most everyone now can agree that it’s a beautiful part of the country to enjoy.