An Alabama grade school student already has a strong sense of compassion.

She offered her ice cream money to help her teacher pay for her father-in-law's funeral.

Her sixth-grade teacher, Price Lawrence, shared a Facebook post that recounted that has gone viral.

Lawrence, a first-year teacher at Highlands Elementary in Huntsville said his students noticed he was a "little off" last week as he worried about his wife, grieving the loss of her father.

As class was dismissed, a student put something in his hands.

Lawrence's post explains that the student told him “This is for your wife. I know it was real expensive when my daddy died and I don’t really want ice cream today anyways.”

The girl gave her teacher three quarters and a hand-written note that read "I'm sorry."

“I wish the world would pay more attention to children,” Lawrence wrote. “I wish the world would pay more attention to children. We could learn a lot from them.”