A young pregnant woman says she was trampled on during Saturday’s incident at Hamilton Place Mall.
She tripped while trying to run away from what police are now calling an “aggravated riot.”

This soon-to-be mother says she was terrified but she's happy her and her baby are alright.

Ashanti Shoulders and her family were eating in the food court of Hamilton Place Mall Saturday night when a large fight broke out. 
“Everybody was going everywhere and going crazy and the only thing I could think of was getting her to the hospital and making sure her and my grandbaby are OK,” said Ashanti Shoulders, mother.

Shoulders daughter, Mariah Lyles, is six months pregnant and was running with her family to find safety outside of the mall when she fell.
“When I tripped I was just scared, my mom picked me upthenbecause I thought I lost them,” said Mariah Lyles, victim.

Lyles tells us she fell face first and was trampled by another person who was also trying to get out of the mall.

“It's horrifying,” said Shoulders. “It's really scary to see your child is pregnant and then just fell face first.  You just don't know to be concerned, I was so worried.”

“Like it hurts when I walk in a lot of pain like in the bottom of my stomach,” said Lyles.

Lyles says her mother took her to the hospital as soon as they left the mall — and the baby is doing just fine. 

Lyles is expecting to have her baby boy this June.