UPDATE: The man accused of starting a riot in February at Hamilton Place Mall is back in custody.

Earlier this month, Chattanooga Police asked the public to help locate Ballard, who was wanted on a number of charges.

CPD tweeted Wednesday that their Street Crimes Team with the assistance of the Chattanooga Housing Police found Ballard hiding in a closet in College Hill Courts.

Ballard attempted to evade officers but was arrested after a short foot chase.

PREVIOUS STORY: The man accused of starting a riot at Hamilton Place Mall in February is wanted by the Chattanooga Police Department for additional charges.

Police say 18-year-old David Ballard, who is on a no trespass list by the city housing authority, was spotted at Emma Wheeler Homes in the passenger seat of a car on April 25.

Police say Ballard ran from the scene when an officer saw him. The officer searched the car Ballard was in and found a loaded gun and ammunition under the passenger seat.

A short time later, police say Ballard posted on Facebook that the gun belonged to him. He also admitted to running from police and cutting off his GPS monitor.

Police say the gun is one of 70 firearms seized in April.

Ballard is wanted for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm with Intent to go Armed, Evading Arrest, Criminal Trespassing, and Resisting Arrest.

If you know where to find Ballard, please call the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The man blamed for starting the riot at Hamilton Place Mall in February told a judge Thursday why he started the incident.

David Ballard told Judge Don Poole that he was spit on, and felt compelled to retaliate.

Ballard was in court Thursday for a diversion plea. 

As part of that plea agreement, he’ll be placed on enhanced probation and be banned from Hamilton Place Mall.

PREVIOUS STORY: The man wanted in connection with a weekend mall 'riot' has turned himself in. 

Early Tuesday, Channel 3 stopped by David Ballard’s mother's house. We wanted to know if she has been in contact with her son since Saturday’s 'riot.' She said she has been.

David Ballard may have spent the last three days hiding from police, but he has not shied away from social media. The 18-year-old updated his Facebook page at least a dozen times after the 'riot' at Hamilton Place Mall.

Most recently he shared a video saying he planned to turn himself in. A claim his mother confirmed. Channel 3’s Kate Smith asked if Tamika Ballard has heard from her son.

“Oh yes, I have talked to him,” said Tamika Ballard.

Police said Ballard can be seen in cell phone video, wearing a black shirt with a white design and light jeans, fighting inside Hamilton Place Mall Saturday. Police said the fight led to a 'riot' that injured a pregnant woman.

High-tech cameras inside the mall helped identify Ballard, who is wanted on a list of charges.

“He is alright, and he will be turning himself in on Thursday. Thank you,” his mother said.

Police tell us anyone who helped Ballard hide from them could also face charges.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police confirm that one of the people shown in a brawl video at Hamilton Place Mall was in fact, suspect David Ballard, according to Elisa Myzal, Chattanooga Police Department.

Ballard's mother told Channel 3 that he will turn himself in on Thursday.

The Facebook live video was shared with Channel 3 Sunday.

Ballard faces multiple charges of aggravated riot, alteration of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and felony reckless endangerment in the riot that cleared out Hamilton Place Mall Saturday.

Ballard is considered to be armed and dangerous, according to police.

Despite witness reports to the contrary, police say no shots were fired in the incident at the mall. 

Police did recover a semi-automatic handgun with what appeared to be an extended magazine in the mall's parking lot. A shell casing was also found, but police say it was not from the recovered weapon.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Chief of Police David Roddy identified the suspect as 18-year-old David Ballard in a news conference Monday.

Police will be issuing posters to help the public identify Ballard, who faces multiple charges related to the situation Saturday night at Hamilton Place Mall that caused shoppers to panic and flee..

Warrants have been issued for Ballard, who police say they saw brandishing a weapon in Saturday's "riot" at Hamilton Place Mall.

Roddy took a moment after the news conference to say that irresponsible social media posting added to fear during the mall incident on Saturday. He went further, saying that no one is closer to what's going on than our police officers.

Chief David Roddy credits high-tech cameras inside the mall. Police spent two days combing through video. They said it shows the young man inside the mall with a gun.

“We as law enforcement can only tell you what we found, we have confirmed, and what we have collected, Chief Roddy said.”

Chief David Roddy is confident no shots were ever fired inside Hamilton Place Mall.

“Fear is a very powerful emotion. We have heard a lot of theories, from tables being knocked over to gates being slammed. But I don't want to minimize anyone's fear by saying I know what was in their head, I know what they felt or why they acted that way," Chief Roddy added.

Police swept the parking lot, where they found a bullet casing and a gun. It's still not clear if they are connected to the fight that was caught on cell phone video inside the mall. Police said a young man involved in this fight started a riot when he pulled out a gun.

“David Ballard, black male, 18 years of age," Chief Roddy said. "We are currently seeking him and if anybody has any information on his whereabouts please call Chattanooga Police.”

Chief Roddy confirms one person was injured in the chaos.

PREVIOUS STORY: Hamilton Place Mall opened regular hours Sunday following what Chattanooga Police are calling an aggravated riot that took place Saturday night.

Chattanooga Police said that 'no shots' were fired after reviewing security video.

According to Police, they initially received a call about a large fight where a male displayed a firearm and reported that shots were fired. 

Police say the decision was made by the department to evacuate the mall based on the information they had received from the call.  

Police conducted a search to ensure the security of the area.

Security video was reviewed and officers were able to confirm that a fight had taken place inside the mall and a gun was displayed.

Police said witnesses told them that several people shouted "gun! he has a gun!" This caused people inside the mall to panic.

The gun was located outside in the parking lot. Police were able to connect it to the fight inside the mall. 

At least one juvenile was injured and taken to a local hospital with minor, non-life threatening injuries they received from falling to the ground.

"After the review of video footage, interviews with witnesses, and a complete sweep of the mall, there is no physical evidence at this time which has indicated that a firearm was discharged during this incident," a CPD spokesperson said.

Members of the Violent Crimes Bureau are still investigating.

Police ask that anyone who witnessed the incident Saturday or have any information call them at 423-689-2525. You can remain anonymous.

The mall released a statement Sunday afternoon about Saturday's incident:

The incident on Saturday evening at Hamilton Place was unfortunate. A fight did occur which led to confusion and caused the property to be evacuated. Hamilton Place appreciates the Chattanooga Police Department's quick response and their thorough investigation which confirmed there were no shots fired inside or outside of the property. While we regret that the mall was closed for a period of time, our primary interest is always our shoppers, employees and retailers.  

The investigation is still ongoing and any additional questions should be directed to the Chattanooga Police Department. 

Hamilton Place management has made significant investments into our security program with the addition of state-of-the-art security cameras, additional security officers and an enhanced relationship with the Chattanooga Police Department. Security measures are evaluated on an ongoing basis and adjustments made as necessary.?

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police are still investigating a "shots fired" call at Hamilton Place Mall Saturday evening. Police said that no shots were fired after reviewing security video. Eyewitnesses say they did hear shots.

Just after 6:00pm, dispatch received a call of a disorder with a weapon involved near the mall. Minutes later, a call came in of an active shooter, which was later refuted.

Around 6:30, Hamilton Place mall tweeted that they were aware of a situation at the mall. The mall closed and was evacuated. 

Chattanooga Police, a short time later, tweeted that they had received reports of shots fired in the parking lot and were investigating. They also said that there was not an active shooter.

Some individual stores closed and employees locked themselves inside as the incident unfolded. 

Police began sweeping the mall. Channel 3 has learned that some employees are still in the stores.

According to police, a fight occurred outside the mall, and the suspect ran back inside. 

A gun was found outside the mall. Police said that they have not located a suspect or victim.

There is currently no threat to the public, according to Chattanooga police. The mall will not reopen Saturday night.

Police ask that anyone with information about the incident call them at 423-698-2525.

This is not the first time police have responded to a shots fired call at Hamilton Place. In 2016, two people were shot outside the mall on Black Friday.