President Trump talked with state and local leaders about gun control on Thursday, a day after he met with victims of school shootings.

With students around the country driving a passionate debate on gun control, President Trump appears to be listening, but he is doubling down on his call to arm some teachers to prevent school shootings.

"I think we need hardened sites, we need to let people know, you come into the schools, you gonna be dead. It's gonna be fast," said President Trump.

He's talking about tougher background checks, mental health screenings, and a ban on bump stocks. However the president is also going a step further, talking about raising the legal age for gun purchases from 18 to 21, and predicting the NRA will agree with him.

The NRA Thursday is focusing on arming teachers, blaming Democrats, and the FBI's failure to stop the Florida shooting. 

A handful of states already allow teachers to carry guns, but parent Fred Guttenberg doubts a teacher with a handgun could have saved his daughter.

"You would've had a shootout, with all these kids and people running all over, that would not have saved lives. It would have led to further loss of life," said Guttenberg.