UPDATE: Several BB&T customers lost access to their own money.

During this outage customers could not use tools such as mobile banking. It’s something many have come to rely on, but what happens when they go dark?

Imagine not being able to gain access to your money. That was the reality for millions of BB&T customers that were locked out of their accounts.

Frustration continues to grow as customers push for answers. With many taking to social media, one person said their card is being declined and can't buy necessities such as gas or even something to eat.

Companies are feeling the impact too. One person wrote they can't issue payroll to their employees and their families.

Channel 3 reached out to a company spokesperson, but have not heard back.Then we went to their website to find out how customers are protected, but even there we were greeted with an error message.

The North Carolina based bank has stayed active on social media, in a tweet they said an equipment malfunction at one of their data center's is to blame.

As a result, customers can't use digital banking or even an ATM.

So how can you protect yourself if something like this happens to you?

Financial experts say to keep all your bank statements, as well as account information. Also, it's best to have enough cash on hand in case of an emergency like this one.

BB&T says if you received any fees or experienced any issues related to this outage, they will work with customers to resolve the issues.

The company said in a tweet Friday afternoon that they could have access to balances and transactions by the end of the day.

Customers of BB&T banks were greeted with technical issues Friday morning when they went to access online banking, BB&T app banking ATM's and the company's automated phone service.

The first notice of the outage was sent out Thursday afternoon, according to NBC affiliate WRAL.

The statement on BB&T's website reads:

Due to a technical issue within our system, many of BB&T's banking services remain unavailable this morning, including online banking, mobile banking app, ATMs and our automated Phone24 service. While you can still use your BB&T debit, credit and prepaid cards, we do understand this is causing a major inconvenience for so many of you and our teams are continuing to work diligently to restore your services. If you've incurred any fees or experienced any issues directly related to this outage, we will work with you to address those issues as our systems come back online. Thank you so much for your patience and we will continue to provide updates here and on BB&T's Facebook and Twitter pages. At this time, we have no reason to believe this issue is related to cybersecurity.

The bank, based in Winston-Salem, NC, did not disclose to customers what the issue might be, but explained that they were "working to resolve it as quickly as possible."