The boards have come down at the Economy Inn eight days after the District Attorney closed the business citing it as a public nuisance. Thursday morning, some people returned and so did the business owner, Janice Hixson.

    "No I’m not here to stay, I’m just here to pick up a refund,” said Christine Gray, a former resident. Gray and a group of others kicked off the property last week lined up early to get answers.

    "I need my money, I have children right now we're eating bologna and bread,” she said.

    When the boards came down and the doors opened, the owner could only let them get their belongings because the county still has the money and documents, they seized.

    "They took out all the money from the cash register, when I came back I didn't even have a pen to write with,” Hixson said.

    Channel 3 first told you about this story last week, when the District Attorney said the Economy Inn had high criminal activity and unsanitary conditions.

    In her first sit down interview, owner Hixson maintains that since she took over crime has gone down.

    "I did have some bad people probably, but 90% of my people were really good citizens and to be treated this way is just wrong,” she said.

    On Monday, a judge allowed the inn to re-open under certain conditions.

    "We’re getting lighting estimates, and we're working really hard to get a security guard that we can afford,” she explained.

    They'll also have to meet all city codes.

    It’s welcomed change from residents, but it still doesn't get their money back.

    "Just took a loss, a big chunk of loss and I think it's unfair the DA took the money then the DA needs to get in touch with us to give us back our money or something needs to be done because this is ridiculous,” Gray said.

    We went to get answers and asked the DA’s office how residents could get their money back? They tell us the money will be released once the owner abides by the stipulations set forth by the judge.

    Until then, the owner has this message for her residents: "I want you to know how very sorry I am and that I do not forget where the real pity in all of this lies, where the real injustice is,” Hixson said.

    The business will be back in court in June to see what progress has been made.

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