UPDATE: A custodian is off the job after ammunition was found inside a bathroom at a Signal Mountain school.

Parents were not notified until Thursday about ammo being found inside Signal Mountain Middle and High School.

"My initial thought was that I was shocked," Shannon Farr, a parent said.

The principal sent an email and text message alert two days after the discovery.

Authorities determined the ammunition belonged to a custodian who left it there after school hours. Officials said another custodian reported it to the school resource officer.

"Call it a mother's intuition, a bad feeling in my gut. I decided to go get them out of school until I can feel secure that they're safe," Farr said.

Investigators with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said there was never any intent to harm any students or the school.

The janitor involved works for ABM. The company provides custodial contract services for the school system.

School officials said that custodian won't be coming back to any Hamilton County school campus.

"We felt it was best not to have the custodian that was involved be on campus after this point," Tim Hensley, a spokesman for Hamilton County Schools said.

Parents like Farr want to be reassured their children are protected.

"Until I have a better sense of security that Hamilton County Department of Education is taking care of this, I just feel better knowing that they're here at home and safe," Farr said.

Channel 3 contacted ABM about the custodian, but we haven't heard back.

The superintendent held pre-scheduled listening session at the school. Parents hope he'll address school safety and what happened on Tuesday.

UPDATE:  A text and email sent by the principal to parents reads:

Parents,  I want to make you aware of a situation that we have investigated at Signal Mountain Middle and High School.  Ammunition was found in a bathroom at the school on Tuesday after the school day.  Let me first say that the police investigation determined that it was not ammunition that belonged to a student and there was no intent of harm to students or the school.   
The school resource officer, school administration, and the Sheriff’s office began immediately to investigate, and determined that the ammunition was the property of a custodian.  The investigation concluded after school dismissal yesterday afternoon. 
The custodian worked for our contract cleaning company ABM.  We have contacted ABM, and the individual will no longer be working in our school.  Once again, the investigation by the Sheriff’s office determined that there was never an intent of harm to students or the school in the situation.  

We will continue to be vigilant in the area of school safety, and we appreciate your support of our efforts at Signal Mountain Middle and High School.

The custodian is employed by ABM, the company providing custodial contract services for the school system. 

ABM confirmed to the school system the custodian will no longer be assigned to a school in the Hamilton County Department of Education in the future.

ABM is a national facilities company with over 350 offices throughout the U.S. and international locations, according to the company's website.

PREVIOUS STORY: Ammunition that reportedly belonged to a school custodian was found in a restroom at Signal Mountain Middle/High School Tuesday.

The ammo was found after school hours. But it was reported the next day, February 21.

No criminal intent was determined to exist, but a report was filed by the SRO for documentation purposes, according to Matt Lea, spokesman for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.