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Record heat helps a Chattanooga ice cream business

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Winter time usually puts a deep freeze on business at The Ice Cream Show in downtown Chattanooga. However, manager Adam Anderson says the unusually warm weather lately has turned things around.

"Whenever the weather starts picking up like now, a little bit warmer, unnaturally warm weather during the winter months, we've seen a tremendous increase in foot traffic," Anderson says.

He can usually man the ship alone during the winter, but it got too busy last weekend.

"I've actually had to call some extra help just because that foot traffic," Anderson adds. "I can't handle it by myself."

Anderson almost ran out of some items and had to call his suppliers in order to meet the demand. He appreciates mother nature helping the small, locally-owned business.

"Whenever something like this actually happens and there's warmer weather for us, it kind of gives us a little extra cushion," Anderson explains.

It also helps that the shop is at the end of the Walnut Street bridge. More people than usual have been going for walks and bike rides, coming into the store to buy frozen treats despite a record high of 80 degrees. The normal high for February 21st is 56 degrees. The old record was 74 degrees set in 1922.

Jennifer Ross sees the warmer weather as a great chance to bond with her two-year-old son, Ethan.

"Going to the parks for walks and things like that," Ross says. "Playing in the backyard; getting out and enjoying the weather."

In nearby Coolidge Park, Michael Long plays with his youngest child, Carson, and sees a trip to The Ice Cream Show coming very soon.

"The kids keep pushing they want ice cream, of course," Long. "So, that should be in the near future."

By the way, Wednesday's record high is also the warmest February day ever since record-keeping began in the 1870s.



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