An Ooltewah mother is looking for the man she claims saved her son's life last week after he had a medical problem while driving.

Janye Gray was at the hospital with another family member when she got a phone call from someone saying they called an ambulance for her son, Jacob.

"Charles saw him, realized he was having a medical crisis, and basically saved his life by stopping the vehicle and calling the ambulance to come get him," Gray explained.

Her 19-year-old son Jacob was driving when he started having heart trouble and lost control of his truck.

It happened Tuesday, February 13, at the round-about at Jersey Pike and Oakwood Drive.

"He remembers crossing Wolftever bridge and thinking 'oh my visions blurry!' The next thing he remembers are the police officers holding him down," Gray added. "He needed medical help, and Charles saw that he got it."

She talks about Charles like he's an old friend, but the two have never met.

He was the one who stopped to help Jacob, called 911 and then used Jacob's phone to contact Janye, who was listed as "mom" in his contact list.

"I kept saying to Charles 'who are you?! And he was driving?? How did this happen?!" Gray recalled.

He told her help was on the way for her son. Jacob doesn't remember Charles.

"He's pretty convinced that Charles was his guardian angel that night,” Gray said. “He says, 'I don't even know that Charles was a real person!'”

Janye posted on Facebook in search of her son's guardian angel. 

Her post has been shared more than 100 times. She said she'll do whatever it takes to thank Charles in person.

"Charles took control of the situation, and I truly believe he saved my child's life," Gray urged.