It's certainly not your typical winter weather in the Tennessee Valley, but Channel 3 meteorologists say the cold weather is likely to return.

That not only means a change in your wardrobe, but also time to protect your skin.

Dr. Maren Shaw, with Chattanooga Skin and Cancer Clinic says, "The main difference in the winter as opposed to the rest of the year is it is much dryer."

Dr. Shaw is a dermatologist.

Dr. Maren Shaw says, "The skin if it is not protected can break down and have cracks in the skin and those are prone to infections."

That's why Dr. Shaw says it is important to moisturize more than you normally do in the summer months. That can be something as simple as switching from a lotion to a cream.

Dr. Maren Shaw says, "Some people like to exfoliate that dry skin buildup. Things that have an exfoliative property can help the skin stay nice and soft and fresh."

And for people of color, the colder weather can be even harsher on the skin.

Dr. Maren Shaw says, "Some ethnicities especially people of darker skin types tend to have drier skin and drier hair so they are more at risk for breakdown in the skin if it is not cared for properly"

As with just about everything, your diet and lifestyle can also affect your skin.

Dr. Maren Shaw says, "When people are out and they are active and they are exercising they tend to drink more water; but, in the winter people tend to drink less water or things that are dehydrating like coffee."

Dr. Shaw says it's also important not to leave out those fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Maren Shaw says, "It is important to hydrate from the inside out. Also, other foods we might eat more of in the summer often found in salads, antioxidants, we tend to eat a little bit less of that during the winter."

Here are some other tips to keep in mind: use a humidifier to keep moisture in the air, use gentler products, and avoid hot showers and baths.

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