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Hamilton Co. commissioners set to vote on funding to repair school facilities

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Wednesday, Hamilton County Commissioners will vote on a $195 million bond. 

The money is expected to fund improvements to Silverdale Correctional Facility and pay off some county debt. But the majority of the bond will pay for the the worst facilities in the Hamilton County School System.

Last year, county commissioners approved the first property tax increase in over a decade.  As a result, $100 million was allocated to the school district. 

In October, the school board outlined their plan, which includes renovations, mergers, and two new school buildings. The total price tag for the plan is about $125 million. Last week the five architects were chosen.

Once commissioners give the money the green light, some of these projects could break ground soon.

Hamilton County's Superintendent, Dr. Bryan Johnson says by focusing on renovations rather than building new schools, the district will save about $66 million dollars.  



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