UPDATE: The owner of the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road says it will be open on Thursday for residents and guests to get their belongings.

In a release sent to the Channel 3 newsroom, owner Janice Hixson says the Economy Inn will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Hixson says, during that time, residents can get their belongings and any guest who did not get their full stay will be able to get a refund.

The following is Hixson's full statement:

ORIGINAL STORY: The padlocks are off the front doors of the Economy Inn. Monday, a Hamilton County judge said the owner could re-open under certain conditions.

Channel 3 first told you about this story on February 14, when the district attorney said the Economy Inn was a public nuisance.

Now that the business can re-open, residents want to know when they can move back in.

“Ms. Hixson, when are people going to be able to move in?” Channel 3’s Tim Pham asked the owner.

“I have all of that, my attorneys are getting out a statement,” Janice Hixson replied.

Channel 3 also asked the owner when residents could receive refunds. However, she could not give us an answer.

"I never wanted to see my tenants treated this way, I never wanted to see anyone treated this way, this has been awful,” she added.

It's been six days since residents were forced to leave by a court order from the district attorney. The business will have to follow strict regulations to stay open.

Hixson has to hire 24-hour security guards, install more lighting and provide access to rooms for inspections. They are stipulations Hixson said she is ‘unhappy’ with.

"It’s just not fair, there isn't anything that's fair about this for anybody. I knew where I was going to sleep on the 14th and these people didn't,” Hixson said.

However, the DA’s office stands by their petition that the business is a public nuisance, citing high criminal activity and unsanitary living conditions.

Channel 3 asked Hixson why she let things get out of control.

"If I had known it was like this I promise you I would've done something,” she replied.

The DA's office tells Channel 3 that the business can re-open once they sign the necessary paper work with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

The owner will be responsible for taking the boards down.

The business is scheduled for court on June 8, for a status hearing to check on their progress.

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