Chattanooga police are investigating a suspicious social media post on Snapchat, and posting additional officers at schools Tuesday.

A Snapchat user with the username JayNBee made the post, according to a new release from the Chattanooga Police Department. The social media post contained no threats of violence but warned students to not go to school today (Tuesday). 

The threats were made against specific schools, not all schools in Chattanooga, according to Elisa Myzal, CPD spokesperson.

CPD did not disclose what schools were specifically mentioned in the post.

CPD and Hamilton County Sheriff have partnered up to determine the originator of the post. Through the process, they found that people who have shared or reposted the original message have no malicious intent. 

The Chattanooga Police Department is taking this social media post seriously. The CPD will have additional officers at schools for extra security and to ease the concerns of parents and students.

CPD encourage anyone with any information that could be helpful in leading investigators to the source of the original post to contact them at 423-698-2525.