Cleveland City Schools is launching Here Come the Bus® – a free school bus tracking app for parents and students that allows them to view the real-time location of a child’s bus from their smartphone, tablet or computer. They can receive a customized notification when the bus is close to their designated bus stop. No more long waits at the bus stop in the snow or rain. Missing the school bus should be a thing of the past.

All Cleveland City Schools buses have been equipped with GPS trackers, and officials have been testing the app system with a small group of parents and staff. Now they are ready to launch it district-wide. They feel this will be a real benefit for parents, as well as increase the safety of students.

A push notification can be sent to parents when the bus is about to arrive at the bus stop, helping students make their bus on time. Parents also can get an alert when the student has been dropped off at the bus stop in the afternoon.

For security reasons, only parents will be given passwords and be able to use their students’ IDs to log into the system. The parents can then choose who to share access with, whether that be a grandparent or others.

When the registration form has been completed, an email will be sent with instructions to activate your smartphone, laptop or computer.