Two people were shot outside a popular bar over the weekend.

One of the victims later died. Channel 3 has learned the victims were not the target.

Chattanooga Police said someone drove by Southside Social early Sunday morning and fired shots, killing Cachet Peterson and injuring Tiana Linares.

Police said the two women have no ties to gangs.

It's not clear why they were shot as they were leaving Southside Social.

John Wise, who owns the bar, said business will close at midnight going forward.

"We saw them pull up, they never get out of the car," Wise said. "Then we see them drive by, shoot and leave."

John Wise does not believe the person who shot and killed Peterson outside his bar was ever inside.

It's still unclear if the victims were customers.

"They were parked in our parking lot which makes you assume they had been inside and left," Wise added.

Southside Social is temporarily closed. Wise said it is out of respect to the families. It is also giving him time to decide what will change when the establishment reopens.

"We are scared of these people, this is a problem," Wise explained. "I cannot run a business and have this kind of thing going on."

Southside Social has strict security on the weekends. On Saturday night, an off-duty Chattanooga State Police Officer was at the front door, in addition to a security team that was stationed inside.

"We are in the middle of doing a real evaluation on how to proceed," Wise said.

Wise said it has been a challenge for him and other business owners in the area to keep violence out of bars late at night.

"I, as a business owner, cannot take on the risk even though 99 percent of my patrons are good," Wise explained. "There is an element that gets involved late at night that ruins it for everybody. I am not willing to take that risk any longer. We will cut our hours and we are debating on the type of music we play."

Wise said he and other business owners on Chestnut Street are working with the city to install more lighting and increase police presence.

He added that customers are not the ones causing the issues, but the people loitering outside area bars.

Other bar owners in the area where shootings have occurred have told Channel 3 similar things.