Nearly two years after the state closed the Standifer Gap Road bridge, it still hasn't been replaced.

Marty Von Schaaf has noticed more traffic near his Derby Downs subdivision. He says it's worst during rush hour.

"The biggest problem is morning and afternoon traffic coming off Shallowford Road and Hickory Valley Road.; it creates a logjam," Von Schaaf says.

The 50-foot-long bridge connected Shallowford and Hickory Valley Roads, not far from Hamilton Place Mall. It was a popular shortcut for thousands of drivers each day.

"We have no alternate route now for coming into this subdivision and other neighborhoods around us and close by," Von Schaaf explains.

The 40-year-old bridge was closed in 2016 after it failed a TDOT safety inspection, receiving a rating of 3.4 out of 100. A rating of less than 50 makes a bridge eligible for replacement. The Standifer Gap Road bridge was supposed to be replaced by this spring, but it could take another two years.

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation (CDOT) tells our partners at the Times Free Press that it has to find a new source of funding.

It hasn't been a major inconvenience for Von Schaaf, but he would like a decision to be made soon about the bridge's future.

"If it takes as long to fix this bridge as it has the dam, and they're still doing that, then we're going to be a long time without that road," Von Schaaf adds. "Surely someone's going to take a look at the population in this area, and it's growing, and say, you know, we need an alternate route somewhere in there. Let's see if we can figure it out."

Planners are now working with the state to get funding through TDOT's Transportation Improvement Program. They expect the bridge to be replaced by summer of 2020 after an environmental review and the engineering design are finished. The estimated cost is $1.2 million based on TDOT's 2017 appraisal, but the city would only have to cover 20 percent.