The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is joining in a national trend reminding people to make sure their homes and vehicles are safe and secured, using what is called the 9pm Routine.

It's been in existence for several years across the country.

The idea is a simple one, where residents will be reminded via social media to create a habit of making sure everything is locked up tight at 9:00pm each night.

In 2017, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responded to 375 thefts from vehicles in Hamilton County. Most of these thefts occurred in large numbers in the Ooltewah, Apison, and East Brainerd Road areas, according to the HCSO.

In many instances,  it was found many of these break-ins were from vehicles simply left “unlocked” and could have been easily prevented.

A secondary part of this reminder is the "lock it, chirp it" message, using the vehicles' locking alert to serve as an audible notice that the vehicle is safely locked.