More than 200 protesters started chanting at the University of Tennessee Saturday in opposition to a scheduled white nationalist event on campus.

A member of the Traditionalist Worker Party visited UTK's campus on Saturday as part of the "National Socialism or Death!" tour. The talk was led by the group's co-founder, Matthew Heimbach.

TWP is recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group and is one of many within the "Nationalist Front" coalition comprised of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and neo-Confederate groups.

Groups including the UT Progressive Student Alliance and National Antifa started protesting TWP Chairman Matthew Heimbach a late Saturday morning.

"The First Amendment certainly does give people an opportunity to speak, to speak their peace, to speak their minds, to speak what they believe in," Chancellor Beverly Davenport said after the protests. "That's exactly what we were doing. They were able to come here because we have policies that allow that."

Protestors yelled, "the people united will never be divided," among other chants. Many protestors also raised signs reading statements such as "silence is not an option," and "improving communities without destroying others."

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